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sporto projektai

Sporto projektai is an organization which operates in various basketball areas which aims to develop healthy and active lifestyle in Lithuania. It promotes itself by organizing different range of basketball camps, Sporto projektai offers few information portals with different languages, it has a clothing store and last but not least this organization manages a youth basketball club – BC BOOM.

Basketball camps

Sport camps are one of the services, which are offered for customers. “Sporto projektai” is inviting various age group people to the annual basketball camps, but mainly it is held for young people. Besides of that it is worth to mention that these camps are focused not only for male talents, but also girls. These kind of activities are held in different areas of Lithuania, e.g. Kaunas, Alytus county and Ignalina.

Basketball club

The last area in which operates “Sporto projektai” is youth basketball club – BC BOOM. It consists of 18-21 years old players and it plays in 3rd national league – RKL. This team from Kaunas can adore themselves in strong communication inside the club. Since BC BOOM provides wide information material outside the game, it is nominated as the most active team in RKL. Youth club has a facebook page with more than 760 followers, it has a website and a lot of video/photo material. It is definitely uniqueness in the market, based on really strong efforts on communication.


Another crucial area is media products. Sporto Projektai initiates few information projects, which provides articles, news, picture & video material not only for basketball fans, but also sport fans in general. There are three main portals, which is highlighted.

“Each activity in one place” – that could be the words, which describes most the project. By visiting the website, there is a possibility to get all relevant information for basketball fan. News articles from amateur to professional basketball level, guide for basketball elements with precise descriptions and videos, programs to improve your basketball skills, forum and plenty of other kind of information – everything at one place topped off with entertaining material.

Can’t find something unique and interesting about basketball? Here is a solution!
Website offers basketball information from different angle. At this website it is possible to find basketball sights and entertaining stuff starting from early times of Lithuanian basketball ending with nowadays entertainment in NBA field and outside of it.

Difference of this portal from another two is that information is about all sport in general. Aim of the project is to promote the benefits of sport, to encourage people to exercise and choose healthy and active lifestyle.
“Sportas-Sveikata” offers articles about healthy nutrition, different areas of sport activities and plenty of articles about benefits of sport.


One of the projects, which was mentioned above is “”. It is worth to mention that because of growth of this project, it was a need to establish a new business venture “Krepšininkams, UAB“, which is closely linked to the “Sporto Projektai“and this project belongs to this additional business venture.
The most significant part of this product is a basketball store. In this shop you can find a huge variety of basketball equipment starting from Nike shoes for women ending with Air Jordan jumpers for men. There is a possibility to purchase also accesories, basketball inventory, medical supplies and equipment for leisure time. The uniqueness of this shop is that you can buy everything online or just to come to office, which is located in Kaunas city. The high variety of brands and types of production you can find by visiting

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