Skill Development Jump Program

The problem with most vertical jump programs (besides outrageous claims) is that they are not progressive and comprehensive. They only focus on training one area of your body to improve vertical jump. There are so many gizmos and gadgets that also claim to help your vertical jump it is difficult to know who is telling the truth and which products actually work.

Now you can get a vertical jump program that is comprehensive and will help you reach your full vertical jump potential. If you are young, this program will prepare your body for the future. If your future is now, you’ll get those extra inches you need to dunk the basketball. If you are already throwing it down, you can get the inches you need to dunk on people in games with trainers Micah Lancaster, Jacob Tucker, and Olympic Trainer Carl Poe.

Micah Lancaster’s skill development jump program starts from the foundation — a player’s feet. While some players can jump based on raw athleticism, every player can learn to maximize their jumping potential simply from focusing on their footwork. Player’s need to learn how to jump off their left leg, their right leg, from jump stops and 1,2 steps, stepping right, left, or stepping left, right. They need to learn to jump horizontally and at angles. Their feet should never be bound by their circumstances.

That is the secret to Lancaster’s jump program. Footwork alone can improve any player’s jumping ability. The right skill development program not only can help player’s improve their basketball fundamentals and take their skills to the next level, the right skill development program virtually becomes a jump program as well. That’s why this skill program should also result in your highest vertical leap.

Once a player’s footwork is where it should be, the right strength and conditioning program will take their vertical to the limits. That’s why this program will feature Jacob Tucker and Olympic Trainer Carl Poe as they share a program that can be used to jump higher and increase explosiveness on the basketball court.

It is this combination of skill development, footwork, and strength and conditioning that truly leads to a better more explosive athlete and leaper!

No legitimate vertical leap program will ever guarantee any number of inches gained. However, this is what I can guarantee:

Give me a player and let me work on their feet when attacking the rim, and I will get the most out of their current athletic potential! The better a player’s footwork, the closer they get to maximizing their jumping potential. The more ways a player learns how to jump, the more they are able to effectively use their “jumping muscles”, and the more ways they are able to use those muscles, the higher they will jump.

Monday-Thursday June 27th — June 30th 4:00pm -5:30pm
Monday-Thursday August 1st- August 4th 4:00pm -5:30pm
$175 per week ($325 for both weeks)

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